1. Cookies Concept

The cookies are files which are stored in the user’s computer who surfs the Internet and that, in particular, have a number which allows to identify unequivocally the user’s computer, even if the user changes his/her localisation or his/her IP address.

Cookies are installed while the user is surfing the net, be that through the places that the user visits or by third parties with whom the web site has contact. Cookies give information about the activity of the user in the website or in other websites with whom this one is related. For example: place from which the user access the service, connection time, the device from which the user access the service (landline phone or mobile phone), the operating system and the web browser used, the pages visited, the number of clicks done and all the data referring to the behaviour of the user when using Internet.

The website can also be accessed if the user does not have the Cookies activated, but their disabling can impede the proper functioning of it.

2. Authorization for the use of Cookies

In conformity with the warning of the cookies that appear at the foot of the web site, the user or the visitor of the web site accepts that, when browsing the web site, consents to the use of cookies according to the description which is detailed hereafter, except to the extent that the user has modified the configuration of its browser to reject the use of Cookies.

3. Types of Cookies which are used in the Web

The user who browses the Web can find cookies inserted directly by the Onwer, or cookies inserted by entities different to this one, according to information detailed in the following sections:

3.1. Own Cookies inserted by the Owner

The Owner of the web uses his/her own cookies which are used to facilitate the correct browsing in the Web site, and also to make sure that the content of the site works efficiently. Some of the same cookies are also session cookies, that is to say that they have a temporary nature and they expire and they are deleted automatically when the user closes his/her browser.

3.2. Third parties Cookies

Below is a summary of the different entities other than the Holder which use cookies in the Web site, as well as the purpose of them:

Cookies of social network: the holder use cookies of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus so that the user can share contents of the Web in these social network, or to facilitate the register in the Web, so that with the user’s data facilitated to the social network they can fill in directly the fields of the registration form in the Web.

Cookies to measure the website’s traffic: the Holder uses cookies from Google Analitycs, and Metricspot to collect statistical data about the activity of the users in the Web site to improve the services provided to the users. These cookies enable the analysis of the user’s traffic generating an anonymous user ID which is used to measure how many times the user visits the Site. It also registers when was the first and the last time that the visitor visited the Web, when he/she finished his/her session and the origin of the user.

Advertising cookies: The Holder DO NOT use cookies stored by third companies which manage the areas which are used for advertising and which users’ access or visit. These cookies enable to measure the effectiveness of the online companies, they give information which may interest the user and offer advertising contents related to the users’ interest.

Through their Privacy Policies you can obtain more information about the working and the use done by the cookies.

4. Browser settings

The Holder remains to its users that the use of the cookies may depend on their acceptance during the installation or the updating of the browser used by them.

This acceptance can be may be revoked through the options available relating to the configuration of the contents and the privacy. The Holder recommends to his/her users to read the helping page of the browser or to access the helping web sites of the main browsers.

Internet Explorer:

Should the user need more information about how to revoke the consent provided or about the procedure to follows to disable the cookies, or do any question related to the Cookies Policy of the Web Site, do not hesitate in contacting the Holder via the following address ( writing in the subject “Cookies Policy”.

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