Sale conditions and guarantee:

• GIROPÈS guarantees its products, bought through an authorized channel, with reference to manufacturing or material defects during a period of two years from the delivery date, according to the current legislation, except when there is a specific agreement or in the acceptance of the order.

• The guarantee does not include damages produced by the wear of the material due to its use, inappropriate conservation or maintenance, wrong storage or use, modifications introduced without the consent, on paper, from GIROPÈS, and in general due to causes beyond the control of our company, GIROPÈS.

• The guarantee does not include accessories such as battery, adaptor, electrical header…

• The reparations will be done by GIROPÈS. The customer must pay for the dismantling, the packaging, the transport, the taxes, custom duty…produced by the delivery of the material to GIROPÈS and its delivery to the customer. The customer must do the delivery of the material via the RMA system which GIROPÈS has.

• GIROPÈS can agree with the customer the reparation or the replacement of the faulty pieces. In such case, the expenses of the journey of the members of the technical service will be paid by the customer.

• In case that it is needed to replace a faulty product completely, all the expenses will be paid by GIROPÈS, including the arriving
and shipping dues.

• GIROPÈS is not going to pay for the reparations done by third parties.

• The repairing or replacement of a faulty piece does not vary the guarantee period of the supplied product. However, the piece that has been repaired or replaced has a guarantee period of two years from the date when the reparation or replacement has been done.

• GIROPÈS is not responsible, in any case, of indirect damages and/or as a consequence of the supplying.

• The Customer will be responsible of getting rid of the elements supplied by GIROPÈS, following the necessary regulation rules, by its own account and responsibility.

Guarantee for damages done during the transport:

• Customers out of Spain but in European Union have 7 days from the date of delivery of the merchandise to communicate to GIROPÈS any type of damage produced by the transport in case the transport has been hired by Baxtran. If the complaining is not done during this period, GIROPÈS will not be responsible and in charge to pay for any type of repairing or substitution if the product has been damaged. This period could change by other country’s law.

Terms of payment:

• All the prices are without VAT. Any indirect tax which must be included to the sale must be paid by the customer. Transport cost is not included.

• Discount for payment in advance: 3%, just when the replacement is done within 15 days after the product is received. The ordinary invoice will be done when the product is sent, if we receive the payment within the period mentioned above, our company is going to send the invoice with a 3% discount included.

• No complaint or objection authorizes the customer to delay or cancel the payments.

Notes about the catalog:

• The prices of this catalogue are valid except when a typographical error has been produced, or up to the modification of this document. Please, contact with GIROPÈS to get the updated catalogue and the right prices.

• The pictures of this catalogue do not imply a contractual commitment. In this publication GIROPÈS offers an amount of available products. However, depending on the circumstances we can also offer alternative equipment or changes in the design, which have also been approved according to our exhaustive quality criteria of the product.

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