GesDyn is the software by Giropès used in weighing motion System for the detection and penalties in traffic.

It includes a pre selection of vehicles, traffic statistics and data management. According to the parameters and it classification the vehicles will be sanctionated or not. The structure of the software enables its compatibility with third devices of hardware and software. It allows the adjustment of its application in different situations. It also enables to work with peripherals of control of access and vehicles positioning.

GesDyn is the penalty system ready to cater the most demanding and different types of needs, despecting the accuracy, reliability and charateristics of the software. It also gives to the user the possibility to control the traffic of one or more reads.


  • Control the traffic of one or more control points of moving vehicles.

  • Printing system of tickets and reports.

  • It allows to configure differents clessifications of vehicles.

  • You can impose sanctions based on the data collected in the weighing.


  • Desk items applications (Windows 7, 8 or 10).

  • 32 bits (x86) or 64 bits processor (x64) at 2.3 GHz or more.

  • 4GB RAM Memory or more.

  • 16 GB or more of available disk space.

GesDyn One

One weighing point control.

No modules available

GesDyn Pro

Multiple weighing points control.

Access and vehicle detection modules available.

GesDyn WEB access available.

The GesDyn PRO system allows having a control of the entities:

  • Registers: visualization of all the vehicles registered in the system. It allows a subsequent statistical consultation and extraction of reports using searching parameters.

  • Classification of vehicles: list of all the classifications of the existing vehicles.

  • Weight limit: definition of the weight limits, both generic and depending on the classification of the vehicles.

  • Control Points: management of the road sections with the GesDyn system integrated.

IP Cameras:

The cameras CCTV allow the monitoring of the control point, both during the day and at night, in real time, achieving both colour images and videos.


Automatic number plate recognition:

GesDyn Web can be integrated with the automatic number plate reconition systems (ANPR/LPR).


3D escaner:

It measures the vehicles dimensions in 3D. Its sensor also allows the detection of the speed of the vehicle or its classification. Besides, it sends the data to the GesDyn system.


Variable message panels (VMS):

The VMS panels are used to communicate with the vehicles with infringement evidences. The offender is informed of the obligation to leave the road and indicate the weight and number plate of the vehicle to the traffic authority.


Control elements


This element allows control of access and exit of the weighing area.

Operating temperature -40ºC to 74ºC
Protection IP66
Height support 2.400mm
Support features Galvanized tube
Bolts 16x400mm


High precision cameras for number plate recognition on rapid roads, with specific applications for the traffic agents and controls of access. The installation of the cameras with a powerful engine of recognition of characters allows an optimal tracking of the vehicle applying the necessary individualized indications if overload is detected.

There are available recognition cameras and control cameras, depending on the installation necessities. 

Protection IP67
CMOS type  2 Megapixeles
Iris Auto
Filter IR
IR illumination distance 25m
Type of lents Vari focal
Focal lenght f= 3~9mm 
Day & Night capability Yes
Temperature range -20ºC ~ 50ºC
Minimum light intesity

Color 0.1 lux

B&N 0.001 lux

*  That is the standard camera model, but there are available different models dependig of the client necessities. 




This curtain is immune to sun. It has a height of approximately 1.900 mm and 3 separated arenas. The nearest to the ground has a resolution of 10 mm to detect the presence of the lifted axles.

The second area has a resolution of 30 mm to detect the attachment or spear. The rest of the curtain has a resolution of 50 mm for classification. 


They are the sensors in charge to detect the vehicles. They allow different combinations depending on the necessities.

Weighing sistems

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