Wednesday, 10th Jule 2019

New GST4 Terminal

Giropes, through the Giropes Solutions brand, is launching a new self-service terminal with a 10.1'' touch screen and a  built-in PC to be able to manage all the actions of the weighing process without the need for a scale operator. 

The incorporation of a smaller screen than the GST3 provides a superior optimisation of the terminal’s internal space, reducing the size of the housing whilst still maintaining the possibility of including different optional modules such as an RFID reader, barcode reader or intercom among others.

The new terminal designed and manufactured by Giropes is available in painted steel or stainless steel version, with an integrated visor as standard, thus providing additional protection against adverse weather conditions.

The terminal’s touch screen allows the employment of different terminal software to suit the installation’s needs and is remotely managed via a computer using GesTruck or GesNet software.

Giropes' commitment to improvement and strong investment in R&D have led to the possibility of creating a new terminal that meets the needs of all types of weighing installations, from industrial plants to waste treatment centres, allowing total control over the plant, managing the weighing process and the opening of entry and exit accesses.


Monday, 1st Jule 2019

Installation of an automated production line

Giropès has done the installation of an automated production line in Anxoves de L'Escala, a treatment and conservation company of anchovies.

Anxoves de L'Escala is a company with more than 75 years of experience in the anchovy production process. The technological advancement,  together with the use of traditional methods and knowledge, which has been passed down from one generation to the next, since the arrival of the Greeks in Empúries in the VI century a. C. All this knowledge has made it possible to Anxoves de l’Escala to produce a high quality product, together with a high level of preservation. 

The renewal has been a fundamental pillar in this company of the food industry which has achieved a modern factory, equipped with the latest technology and finally completed with the improvement in their production line. These changes have resulted in an optimization of resources to meet the challenges of an increasing demand.  

This installation substitutes a manual production line, optimizing the resources and making the work easier to the operators of the company. Moreover, the new automated production line results in a greater accuracy and reliability when carrying out the anchovy jars.  

The production line has a total of 20 weigh sets. These sets are formed by a GRP platform, a stainless steel platform with a GI410i indicator, an LCD with IP65 protection, ideal for an environment of extreme humidity and exposed to salt water such as the one you can find in an anchovies treatment plant.

The 20 weighing sets are controlled and managed by the GiScale PRO software, designed and implemented by our team of engineers in Giropès Solutions. 

The software GiScale PRO enables the user to connect an almost unlimited number of indicators to the programme. Besides, it also adds more freedom to customize tickets and reports, register specific areas. It also enables the user to perform a weighing system in a semi unattended mode and even monitor and manage lines of production.


Thursday, 27th June 2019

Giropes new corporate website

GIROPES has just introduced their new corporate website, which presents our most comprehensive product catalogue as well as other important aspects related to the company, such as the quality controls that apply to our products, the various industries which use our products and the most outstanding projects that have been completed.

Over the last few years, Giropès has developed its corporate image to become a leading company in the industry. We have designed a new image for our product packaging, catalogues and product presentations, adapting the commercial material to the company’s expansion in terms of size and product lines.

One aspect that was really important to us was to imagine and design a new website that would show all the human effort that goes into each product delivery.

We believe that the new website will be a gateway to the entire catalogue of products and services that we offer.

Some of the new website highlights are:

A modern and very visual design
Full access to catalogue product information
Corporate and project information
Commercial documentation downloads
New corporate and product videos
Newsletter subscription to keep up to date with the latest news
Access to the RMA service with a modern design

The website is growing so its content is updated daily, displaying more products and information about GIROPES.



Monday, 27th May 2019

Automated weighing system

Giropès has carried out the installation of an automated weighing system which allows the user to control completely the recycling plant and the waste treatment.
Sersall is a business group which has been dealing with the domestic waste collection for more than 50 years. Over the years it has expanded its range of services until it has become a company of reference in the management and treatment of waste in Girona.

Among most of the services that Sersall offers there is the selective collection, the grinding of wood, the destruction of vessels or the collection of furniture and other things, among others.  They stand out because Sersall is in charge of the selective collection of packaging waste, paper, cardboard and glass in 64 different municipalities in Alt Empordà, in the province of Girona.

The new installations of Sersall in Vilamalla are going to include a complete computerized weighing system, completely designed, manufactured and installed by Giropès. This weighing system includes a BPPCE EVO weighbridge installed on ground and controlled through a GST4 self-service terminal and a traffic light to control the entrance and exit of the scale.

This installation is the first one that has been integrated in the new GST4 terminal, designed and manufactured by the team of Giropès Solutions. The terminal allows the user to have a complete control of the weighing system and all the waste plant, managing the opening of the door of the plant when finishing the weighing of the lorry.

The whole automated system related to the weighing system is setting up and managed through the GESNET software, which has been designed specifically to be used in Waste Treatment Plants. This system enables the user to have a complete control both of the truck scale and the GST4 self-service terminal.


Thursday, 4th April 2019

Giropes will be present at the IFFA trade fair in Frankfurt

From the 4th to the 9th of May is going to be held in Frankfurt (Germany) the new edition of the IFFA trade fair and Giropès is going to be there with our own stand to display the best products of our brand.

The IFFA trade fair is one of the most important and leading in the meat industry. It displays the most vital and innovative products in this market.  It gathers thousands of visitors from all over the world and of different nationalities, being a great showcase for the different brands.

Giropès has a wide experience in the protection and high hygienic sectors, such as meat companies, food ones and, even, dangerous areas such as chemical factories. This is so thanks to the possibility to include ATEX protection to most of the products that we design and manufacture in our own plants and installations. 
We are also going to present our new software GiScale PRO for the control and management of manufacturing lines, software which has already been implemented in different food businesses to optimize their production and the packaging of products. The software Giscale PRO, allows the users to connect an unlimited number of displays to their program.  It also offers more freedom to customize tickets and reports, register specific fields, perform a weighing system in semi unattended mode and even monitor and manage their manufacturing lines. 

For those reasons, as well as many others, we cannot miss the attendance to this exhibition; and we are going to display our new products and show the best ones that we already include in our catalogue, offering solutions to all different type of situations in the weighing sector of the meat industry. 

For further information do not hesitate to visit us in the Pavilion 11, stand E19.


Friday, 11th January 2019

Waste Plant in Barcelonnette (France)

Installation of a Weighbridge in a Waste Plant in the city of Barcelonnette, located in the county Provence (France).
It consists in a complete installation of a Weighbrige, self-service terminals GST1 and GST2 which have been set up through the software GesNet and with barriers and traffic lights working as control elements.


Wednesday, 19th December 2018

New TPV Terminal

Giropès, through its brand Giropès Solutions, launches to the market its first automatic payment terminal to facilitate and speed payment transactions within the world of weighing.

Up to now Giropès allowed to do the payment in its terminals through a RFID reader. The new TPV terminal has been explicitly designed to manage directly this economic transaction.  To do this it has a keyboard and an LCD screen to give the payment instructions to the user, a slot to insert the bank card so that the payment can be done and, moreover, a contact less module so that the payment can be done in a quick and convenient way.

Thanks to the contact less payment option, the carrier could do the payment via its bank card or via mobile phone without needing to insert the card inside the terminal. Such fact gives more commodity to the user and, moreover, adapts the new product launched by Giropès Solutions to the new technologies.

Besides, the new terminal gets a better resistance to adverse weather conditions thanks to the option of finishing it in stainless steel and the possibility to add a protective visor. Such options also enable a greater durability in open air and adverse weather environments.

The installation of a TPV terminal in your truck scale allows you to carry out the charging of the weighing immediately, without the help of a scale operator. The carrier benefits from the commodity of doing the payment without needing to get out of your vehicle.


Monday, 10th December 2018

Automated Recycling Center in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

Recycling Center managed by the Council of  Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, in Alt Penedès (Barcelona).

Installation of a Weighbridge controlled by barriers, traffic lights and an ANPR camera. The installation of a self-service terminal with all the control components facilitates a complete autonomy to the users, there is no need of an operator.


Tuesday, 17th Jule 2018

GIRWIM-HS system

Installation of the Fixed Weighing System of Vehicles In High Speed Motion without a system of electric continuous current. 

Giropès has installed a Fixed Dynamic Weighing System in Madrid with our brand GIRWIM which is specialized in the weighing of vehicles in motion on road.  This system does not include a system of electric continuous current; however it functions via a system of rechargeable batteries which are recharged via solar energy thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic panel.

This GIRWIM-High Speed System is going to provide information about the weight of the vehicles which drive along this road, so that it enables to user to have a control and improve the maintenance of good conditions on the road.  


Monday, 11th June 2018

BPPCE EVO with GST2 Terminal

Giropès technical staff has gone to France to install a BPPCE EVO scale connected to a GST2 terminal together with our local distributors. 

With the installation of the scale the customer can control precisely both the entrance of new material and the exit of residuals from his installations. Besides, the installation of the terminal GST2 controlled by the software GESTRUCK2 enables the user to speed up the process by simplifying the weight measurements which have been carried out. 


Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Incineration Plant for Waste

Installation of 2 Weighbridges with 2 Self-service Terminals with RFID reader to identify the vehicle, ticket printer and components to control the traffic such as barriers and traffic lights.


Friday, 9th March 2018

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

From 20th to 23th of March all Weight in Motion Solutions by Girwim will be exhibited on 12.900 Stand in 12st Hall.

Giropès, with his brand Girwim, offers whole solutions in IT and weighing for:
– Enforcement weighing equipment
– Complete weighing stations
– Toll system solutions
– IT system for weight detection and statistic

Meet us in the Trade Fair


Friday, 15th September 2017

Querétaro highway

Last week two high-speed WIM systems were installed in Girwim, Mexico.

The installations, located in Palmillas and Apaseo for the Querétaro Highway, are composed of the complete High-Speed system for Girwim and are integrated with SCADA. This system will allow for the monitoring of the flow and characteristics of traffic, as well as traffic offenders.

The system combines Gesdyn and Datalogger software, weight detection sensors, and other components. It delivers statistical information to SCADA, such as the weight of a vehicle (by axel and total), speed, vehicle classification and informs on various alerts: such as vehicles, excessive weights detected, wrong direction controllers, etc.


Monday, 10th Jule 2017

G2APP System in 23 Recycling Centres

23 Recycling Centres in Cordoba have included the system of waste control with G2APP.

To have a central control of the 23 Recycling Centres in the province of Córdoba, Giropès installed the system GesNet2Web + G2APP. The shared management of these Recycling Centres gives the customer the possibility to have the same uniform approach in the whole province.

Thanks to this system, which has a central station, all data from the different 23 Recycling Centres can be gathered via the Android APP created by the equipment of Giropès Solutions.



Friday, 17th February 2017

G2APP smartphone application

G2App is the solution by Giropès Solutions to be used with the automation and management of industrial and commercial weighing. It bears different architectures of installation: from the most basic ones (an only working station) to complex installation fo autonomous weighing management systems.

This software offers a complete control of the material weight measurements. With the G2APP the user is going to be able to register and process, in an efficient and quick way, the traffic in his scales while in movement. This application also allows the user to supply relevant information to the administration departments, do an inventory control, graphic analysis and it also offers other possibilities in its web complement, Gesnet2Web.

This mobile application also allows the user to manage different weighing indicators from our brand: GI400, GI410 and GI410i.

G2APP is an incremental encoder which adapts itself to the necessities of every business model. G2APP smartphone application includes different versions which allow the system to growth at the same rhythm than your business.

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