Wednesday, 10th Jule 2019

New GST4 Terminal

Giropes, through the Giropes Solutions brand, is launching a new self-service terminal with a 10.1'' touch screen and a  built-in PC to be able to manage all the actions of the weighing process without the need for a scale operator. 

The incorporation of a smaller screen than the GST3 provides a superior optimisation of the terminal’s internal space, reducing the size of the housing whilst still maintaining the possibility of including different optional modules such as an RFID reader, barcode reader or intercom among others.

The new terminal designed and manufactured by Giropes is available in painted steel or stainless steel version, with an integrated visor as standard, thus providing additional protection against adverse weather conditions.

The terminal’s touch screen allows the employment of different terminal software to suit the installation’s needs and is remotely managed via a computer using GesTruck or GesNet software.

Giropes' commitment to improvement and strong investment in R&D have led to the possibility of creating a new terminal that meets the needs of all types of weighing installations, from industrial plants to waste treatment centres, allowing total control over the plant, managing the weighing process and the opening of entry and exit accesses.


Wednesday, 19th December 2018

New TPV Terminal

Giropès, through its brand Giropès Solutions, launches to the market its first automatic payment terminal to facilitate and speed payment transactions within the world of weighing.

Up to now Giropès allowed to do the payment in its terminals through a RFID reader. The new TPV terminal has been explicitly designed to manage directly this economic transaction.  To do this it has a keyboard and an LCD screen to give the payment instructions to the user, a slot to insert the bank card so that the payment can be done and, moreover, a contact less module so that the payment can be done in a quick and convenient way.

Thanks to the contact less payment option, the carrier could do the payment via its bank card or via mobile phone without needing to insert the card inside the terminal. Such fact gives more commodity to the user and, moreover, adapts the new product launched by Giropès Solutions to the new technologies.

Besides, the new terminal gets a better resistance to adverse weather conditions thanks to the option of finishing it in stainless steel and the possibility to add a protective visor. Such options also enable a greater durability in open air and adverse weather environments.

The installation of a TPV terminal in your truck scale allows you to carry out the charging of the weighing immediately, without the help of a scale operator. The carrier benefits from the commodity of doing the payment without needing to get out of your vehicle.


Friday, 17th February 2017

G2APP smartphone application

G2App is the solution by Giropès Solutions to be used with the automation and management of industrial and commercial weighing. It bears different architectures of installation: from the most basic ones (an only working station) to complex installation fo autonomous weighing management systems.

This software offers a complete control of the material weight measurements. With the G2APP the user is going to be able to register and process, in an efficient and quick way, the traffic in his scales while in movement. This application also allows the user to supply relevant information to the administration departments, do an inventory control, graphic analysis and it also offers other possibilities in its web complement, Gesnet2Web.

This mobile application also allows the user to manage different weighing indicators from our brand: GI400, GI410 and GI410i.

G2APP is an incremental encoder which adapts itself to the necessities of every business model. G2APP smartphone application includes different versions which allow the system to growth at the same rhythm than your business.

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