Los terminales de pesaje de autoservicio permiten que el conductor del camión pese y pague sin la presencia de un operador. Se pueden instalar en la altura estándard de un individuo o de la cabina del camión. El tiempo de acceso al pesaje y la interacción con el terminal dependerán de las necesidades y del dispositivo elegido.


  • Contact less lector.

  • Credit cards lector.

  • Integrated ticket printer.

  • Keyboard with LCD display for the management of the weighing payment.


Payment with Contact Less: easy, comfortable and safe.

Access terminal without operator, if it is installed the G2Automatic terminal software with automatic payment module.

Allows ticket personalization.

Payment for weighing, configurable with software GesTruck2 PRO (included with the terminal).

Software for computers


GESTRUCK 2 software offers a complete control of the weighing operations of vehicles, with an easy to understand interface, and which facilitates, above all, the collection of the desired information with the maximum accuracy and quickness possible. With GESTRUCK2 the users can register and process, in a quick and efficient way, the traffic in their weighbridges.

Customizable SOFTWARE:

  • Filters

  • Sending data

  • Program options

  • User permission management

  • Tickets


GesNet2 is the solution that Giropès Solutions offers for the automation and management of weighbridges in recycling plants. It supports different installation structures: from the most basic one (only one working station) to complex installations of autonomous systems of weighing management.

The software offers a complete control of the weighing operations of vehicles.

With GesNet2 the owners can register and process, in an efficient and quick way, the traffic of their weighbridges. It also allows having relevant information useful for the management departments, inventory control, and management of storage areas, statistical analysis, and more.

Terminals software


It is a completely automatic software which is in charge of weighing without needing the interaction of a working operator. Through this all the devices and modules that intervene in the weighing system are controlled.

Even though this is a completely autonomous system, the interaction with the driver can be introduced to improve the data obtained, such as the selection of the weighed material.

This software is only available with the terminals GST1 y GST2.

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