GesDyn WEB features and intuitive, simple surface which concentrates all the information generated by the different GIRWIM systems and devices. It integrates with the GIRWIM systems and devices to provide accurate data of vehicles, such as its weight and classification.

The information, the current vehicles records which are circulating through the weighing area, is viewed in real time on the platform GesDynWEB. This information is also available for display on mobile devices, such as smart phones and/or tablets, with internet access.


  • Real-time display of the vehicles which are circulating through the weighing area, via the CCTV cameras.

  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR).

  • Traffic statistics (list of vehicles with excess of weight, list of vehicles according to classification, etc.).

  • Visual displays to view the vehicles which have committed traffic rule violation.

  • Varying levels of presentation of the information.

  • Export of the information to Microsoft Excel and PDF.

  • API Web to be integrated with other systems of information.

  • Analytic tools of preventive test.


Web hosting (provided by Giropès)

Software for computers


GesDyn is the software by Giropès used in weighing motion System for the detection and penalties in traffic.

It includes a pre selection of vehicles, traffic statistics and data management. According to the parameters and it classification the vehicles will be sanctionated or not. The structure of the software enables its compatibility with third devices of hardware and software. It allows the adjustment of its application in different situations. It also enables to work with peripherals of control of access and vehicles positioning.

GesDyn is the penalty system ready to cater the most demanding and different types of needs, despecting the accuracy, reliability and charateristics of the software. It also gives to the user the possibility to control the traffic of one or more reads.

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